AI character jitter away from map center


I have a huge map with world composition enabled in a multiplayer game with dedicated server.

AI characters inherit from default ACharacter with default UCharacterMovementComponent, AI controller is default AAIController. Moves via:

// AAIController* AIOwner


AI characters begin to jitter when moving far away from map center. Already tried to shift world origin in a couple ways.

My tries mostly based on [this forum topic][1].

// Way #1 

const bool bResult = CurrentWorld->SetNewWorldOrigin(FIntVector(NewOriginLocation));

// Way #2 


// Debug 

const FVector CurrentOrigin = FVector(CurrentWorld->OriginLocation);

Way #1 returned true as result, in both cases distance between CurrentOrigin and AI characters location was less than 10000 unreal units (100m). So was distance between CurrentOrigin and player.

Video away from map center, around x: -862100, y: 685600, z: -50000 (-8.62km, 6.8km, -0.5km):

Video near map center:

There is no any difference in settings, just location.

World settings:

Project settings → Network:

Play settings:


So my question here is how to fix that jitter?

hi,Have you found a solution? I have the same problem