AI Behaviour Tree does not abort lower priorities

Hi, I have an Enemy (BlackEnemy_BP). The goal is that is this enemy can’t LineTrace directly to the player, he chases you. But if he can LineTrace the player he should stop his movement and “stares” to the player.

(In the map there are another Enemy called WhiteEnemy. Is for that I call them and set in an array to ignore).

What’s Up? The enemy comes for me but when he spots me for the first time, he flickers as if he is trying to stop and stare at me some tenth of a second and after that he still moving towards me (Although the behaviour tree is not highlighting that sequence path)

Enemy BluePrint:

Enemy Behaviour Tree:

BTTask Chase:
BTTask Staring at player:

I also tried to use a Service instead of LineTrace from the main BluePrint but didin’t work:

Thx for the help!