AI, avoid bumping into each other?

I’ve built a nice working AI system but the bots move in a very straight line and take a while to move around each other. Is there a good method of making them move aside from other bots and make them move in a more ‘human’ way?

Thanks, well for now I’ll just check on bump and make them move backwards left slightly. Just seeing 30 vs 30 bots go into each other in a straight line looks rather odd :smiley:

You will need to add behavior logic to handle that yourself, such as trace and make decisions based on what’s in front and/or choose circuitis locations to move to around your overall path instead of following it blindly and perfectly.

Epic has talked about spacial awareness on their AI roadmap which will make the polling easier, it may even come with Behaviors but I don’t know.

There is RVO Avoidance currently and Detour Crowds coming in 4.3.