AI acts like a player

Hello I have a newbie question
I’m trying to create my own game, where the player has the ability to move/rotate and shoot and I want to make that the enemies will have the same set of abilities in terms of movement and shooting
I’ve finished several courses but most of them are based on primitive AI functionality, where AI doing something in its own way.
I don’t understand how to share a player’s functionality with AI. AI pawn doesn’t have inputs and it should be implemented differently but I don’t know

Hi, for that you could/would generally use behavior trees. So from the behavior tree you can directly use MoveTo and the AI will automatically move to that location/actor and from there you would also tell it to shoot at something. The actual shooting is then something you would implement yourself in the pawn/character.

I suggest you work through this here Introduction to AI with Blueprints - Unreal Engine

and this here Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

Then you can watch this here to get some feeling for what is easily possible with the AI system Unreal Engine AI with Behavior Trees | Unreal Engine - YouTube

and this here if you then want to use EQS Environment Query System Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks a lot