AI actions have unneccessary delay

I made a simple Character AI that follows the player around. Below is the Behavior Tree it uses. ChasePlayer looks up players current position and Move To moves to that position. Movement works as planned; however after moving to position the AI Character stays still for 2-4 seconds instead of starting the sequence immediately again.

How can I remove the delay in Sequence?


There’s no delay (just checked with my AI Tutorial) so the delay you’re experiencing must come from ChasePlayer or from outside of the BT. Have you used BT debugger? Does it show BT handing on Move To even after finishing the move?



Yeah - after debugging I noticed MoveTo is still being handled for some seconds even after reaching destination. I added one second timer to it and now it works better. It’ll do until I’ll figure out a smoother way to do it.


EDIT: I realized where the delay was coming from. The AI couldn’t reach the z-location it got from my actor. That’s why it was staying put in the location for a while trying to reach it. Don’t even need the timer anymore.

How did you resolve this?