Ahmed Yosri - C++ Gameplay/AI programmer {Looking for a SERIOUS team to join}

Who I am ? What I’m looking for ?:


2.5 years developing C++/C# games including (not limited to) Machine learning based AI & Gameplay.
DirectX, OpenGL, CryENGINE, Unity3D, UE4

I'm targeting teams with prior experience, success is not required, hard desire to deliver the project is what's required.
The best fit for me would be a projects with huge AI challenges,
I prefer to work on 3rd Person view games, but others are welcomed.
Please no MMO-RPGs.

Previous Work:
Bain’s Redemption: Gameplay
The Rescuer: Gameplay
Bastet (Mobile 3D Unity3D): Gameplay
Spiders Attack (Mobile 2D Unity3D): Gameplay

Other several prototypes and freelance work (6 Unity3D projects in total)

Still building personal portfolio, but my LinkedIn profile is available
LinkedIn profile.

Skype: hamokshaelzaki

Additional information:
Available 4 days a week.

Comments welcome!

Hello hamokshaelzaki,

Several AI Challenges exists in Dragon’s Gold (sig) with producing various creatures (each with their own combat offense/defense tactics), self-contained Puzzles & Traps, and Procedural Animation. I’ve worked with several forms of AI over the years:

  1. Simple seek & destroy
  2. Finite State Machine
  3. Behavior Trees
  4. Expert Systems
  5. Stack Machine
  6. A-Star Path Finding
  7. Navigation Mesh Path-finding
  8. Procedural gen Algorithms

I would be interested in a discussion on Machine learning based AI. UE4 has visual scripting implementations for State Machines and Behavior Trees, have you worked with these tools?

Hey there,

Our studio is working on Glory, an action-oriented FPS, and we today posted an ad searching for a systems and gameplay engineer. A specific focus for our project is on intuitive and exciting combat systems, and of course great combat doesn’t happen without great AI. Cloud and machine-learning AI is definitely something we’re interested in and investigated with Microsoft’s Xbox cloud platform at one point, would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

You can learn more about our project here:™-PC-Console-FPS-RPG-(AAA-experienced-team)

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions via PM.


Yes, in UE4 State Machines only, but I’ve coded and used Behavior Trees to make a self-commanded NPCs and Multi-Tier AI.

I’ve sent you a message via PM

UE4 State Machines are pretty neat, would be nice to expose them outside a animation BP. I love Behavior Trees. Take a little getting used to how they’re visualized in UE4. Some of the BT examples I have seen use states which sorta defeats the advantage of BT, imo, lol.

You sparked my curiosity with those fancy terms: self-commanded NPCs and Multi-Tier AI. Started reading this presentation. My interpretation of this multi-tier is a BT to control the group, a BT to control the individual Unit. I’m using BT everywhere Behavior AI is needed, such as fire weapons and monster management.

I can program with C++ and many other languages, but, develop in UE4 exclusively with Blueprints. My work with BTs is influencing how I design my Blueprints.

Are you capable of integrating intelligent scripting, persistent environments, and procedural generation? I have sent you contact information, if you are interested.

I haven’t found any message from you, neither on email nor on forum’s Inbox.

It was sent via Skype.

We sent you a email

Still Looking …