Agent Breezie from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog within ray-tracing shaders

Today I introduce you my own model of Agent Breezie the Hedgehog(robotic) from early 90’s tv cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. I added several pbr materials to make more photorealism adequate to live-action movies and video games visual aesthetics nowadays.

Making something completely metallic and reflective does not make it more realistic, in fact it does the polar opposite in almost all cases, making it look obviously digital if its not broken up with imperfections like small scratches in the normal and supplemented with non-reflective areas, Ex: Cars in games/movies.

I see almost no games use perfectly reflective materials due to limitations, as well… they can’t, sticking to completely non-reflective scenes except in very rare/recent cases where they might mess around with reflections here and there, its also why video game water is so wave-y, its to break up the reflection to hide the fact its literally just the sky cubemap, or in some cases its just specular reflection of the sun.

Its probably better to go with an intentionally stylized look, unless you can dump a ton of money or time into something, go for something that requires less of either, making it fit better, and be easier to create in general.

Okay so I fixed her redesign.

A little less reflective, more detail, a little more unevenness in the normal, your heading very much in the right direction.

That looks really bad, you need to practice more on your modeling skills.

I just realised your using blender not ue4 against a blank background. You should not be posting here, go to the blender reddit or some other forum. (And really, the reflectivity is pointless in this case and just makes the model look… wrong.)

Oh okay. Anyway how can I create pbr texture materials in Unreal Engine/Editor 4 instead of using Blender. Do I need Quixel for this?

Quixel is unrelated to ue4. Just use the material editor and plug in the textures/texture maps where they are supposed to be. If you need help with it, theres probably over 2000 tutorials for materials on youtube, the chance of you not finding what you want is really low.

Okay thanks.