Afterall FPS

Hi all,

here is two of my first videos / tests on Unreal Engine 4. I’ve been doing this project for a while on UDK and decided to switch to UE4.

Lights and shadows test. Steam and Flames are stock particle systems.

Some Blueprint testing (the doors) and more lighting tests.

I hope you guys like and comments are more than welcome!


Loving that back interior wall. Very Zaha Hadid. I would suggest to maybe changing the blue light you have in there to something more natural, slight off white would be nice - towards yellow. And the floor texture needs a bit of work. Keep it us, can’t wait to see some more screens.

in fps its good to go sharper than blurry. thats if your game has a different art style, just saying :smiley: good job!

@JustinSA: Thanks! She’s one of my favorite architects :smiley: You might be right about the logo light. I will check that after I get to the final logo and can see the combination of the two. I agree with the floor, I am going to use “raw” wood paneling, but perhaps need to find a more suitable alternative to the texture I am using now.

@AzamKhan: I presume you mean the DoF and noise? There’s not gonna be any actual shooting in the game, more like stealth, survival, puzzle, resource gathering kind of FP(S) experience… And the second half of the game will be situated in dark environments without any electricity/lights (due to a natural disaster).

Thanks guys for the comments! I shall keep you posted :slight_smile:

Very cool. Looking nice so far. :slight_smile:

@: Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is a blueprint for the wet/dry asphalt if someone is interested :slight_smile:

First BSP mockup of the subway entrance’s stairs.

Looking real good so far Marco.

Finally have some time to return to this project and learn some UE4!

This is a fast prototype of the main character’s “spawning platform”.

Mainly testing timeline animations, scanning laser material and blueprint controlled lighting/emissive materials.

30sec video of some platform-action:

Looking Good marcoboy. I like colorful Art Style. A welcomed approach opposed to the heavy use of earthtones. I would like to more about the background story if you’re willing to share.

Hi & Thanks!

I intend to utilise the contrast between light & dark widely. And use bright colours to help bring darker areas of the game world alive.

I’m not ready to reveal too much of the setting/story of the game, but the main idea is that there’s sudden problems in the city, electricity blackouts etc. The player character has some utilities with him to fix some of these problems (for example turn on lights with “magnetic” field/pulses). I would say that’s going to be Horror/Survival/Resource management -game :confused: With emphasis on NON violent (or at least non lethal) ways to solve situations and conflicts.

Game’s timeline will be positioned approx. between 11pm and 6am within one rainy and stormy night.

Quick screenshot of the Metro station’s small side entrance. Need to dig a hole to the terrain for the station…

Can I only cut square holes to the landscape by the size of the Landscape component? Or is there any way to cut precise holes, for example for the subway entrance?

I’m pretty proud of the wet glass if I may say so myself :smiley:

Thunderstorm Blueprint (The has three different sounds and lightnings and random intervals between them, also all there is different delays between the flash and the sound to indicate different locations/distances in relation to the player):

Hi guys!

Here’s a short explanation of the game’s lighting mechanics:

  1. Majority of the game’s lighting and other electrical machinery have no electricity due to a blackout(s).
  2. The player has a ability to turn on lights at a certain distance of him.
  3. Player can control the radius of his “electrostatic” or similar radiation with mouse wheel.
  4. Greater the radius more power will be drawn from player’s “battery”.

Video of the mechanics (notice the blue text on the left indicating the current radius adjusted with the mouse wheel):

And a screenshot of the blueprint inside each light (or potentially other electronic devices):

Hi guys!

Just a quick screenshot of the lighting test from the main protagonist’s home… All the lighting is made with movable lights, so that they can be turned off when blackouts occur, and powered up with the “radial electromagnetic radiation”.

The scene is intentionally very dark. I hope to get some video of the scene asap (Having some difficulties with the camera movement tracks).


Looks great! Would love to see the shader network for that water running down the glass, looks very impressive!

Sure! Here you go. Blueprint of the water flow on window:

The blend texture is regular cloud texture with clear darker and lighter areas.


Looking very interesting :slight_smile: I feel like Deus Ex (the original) might be a bit of an influence here?

That wet glass shader -IS- nice. However, I feel like the water running down it should be quite a bit faster, given the rate of rainfall. Maybe give that a go see how it looks? It just looks too slow atm imo :slight_smile: But it’s a very nice effect regardless!

Thanks :slight_smile: I like the visual feel/tones of the original Deus Ex game, and sharp and “edgy” feel of the Human Revolution’s architecture and environments.

You might be right about the speed of the water running down on the glass. I have looked plenty of reference materials and it feels like the water usually runs on various speeds, some parts are running down VERY slowly and others really FAST. I’ll look into that and probably adjust the balance between the two speeds.

In the mean while here’s a quick Matinee camera run of the apartment. Only handful of the materials are even remotely complete and a lot of the objects have a plain white default material at the moment. Also about half of the objects are still missing. But I think this gives you guys a good idea of what I’m going for here…

That is a sweet apartment :slight_smile: I want one IRL haha

Sweet, thanks for posting the shader network, very cool!

Also the new video looks great, looking forward to seeing the final product :slight_smile: