Afterall FPS

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Here’s a new really short video highlighting the character’s destruction/disintegration effect.

First part: Material’s mask animation using timeline.
Second part: Spawning a Particle effect with small floating triangle objects.

Hi again!

Here’s a small ** tear / cry** test for the character’s face with tear running down the cheek and drying up. No other aspects of the skin material have been done yet. Youtube had it’s fun “adjusting” the video so it lost most of it’s details.

He’s one unhappy guy :frowning:

And a Material Blueprint for the tear:

First pass of the characters face material done. Screenshots from Substance Painter.

Post process on:

Studio environment:

Street environment:

Need to add few scars, ear texture, eyes etc…

ps. Most of the bumps are too strong just because the characters are actually seen quite far in the game world and I think a little overcompensating is in order…

Decided to retouch/update the logo and UI design:

a donut planet <3

Nice work, love the cleanness of the UI and the logo is looking good. Keep it up. =)

MMMMMM… Donuts, droooooool :wink:

Thanks! I plan to keep the overall look and feel of the game as clean, clutter free and easy to understand as possible. Even though there’s going to be a lot of darkness and some horror elements etc.

I’m way too tired of dirty and cluttered feel of the modern games. And try to get the right atmosphere with sound design, appropriate difficulty level and “helpless” feel. Those are the most important elements of some of the best horror/survival etc first person games there is. In my opinion at least.

We’ll see how that goes… I understand that the current screenshots and videos don’t really reflect any true horror elements, but I’ll get there when I get to design the right aspects of the game.

Yeah, I’m bouncing all over the place…

But here’s a VERY tiny sad variation of the “main theme”. There’s some uptempo versions and more “horror/scary” influenced version(s) of the main melody underway.

Soundcloud link:

Hi guys!

Eyes and eyelashes modeled and textured. And what a task that was. I had a LOT of problems trying to get the eyeballs fit in their sockets.

At least I’m learning something here :smiley:

looks like gmod :3 the eyes are very hard i know. but you should rework them ^^ Niceskinmaterial

Heh! Thanks :wink: This is my first human 3D model/texturing thing, so I KNOW there’s going to be a whole lot to learn here.

I tried to add some “depth” to the eye texture and some creases to the eye lids on this second picture, but I don’t feel I have too much time to dedicate for a small detail like this (Especially when the characters are seen quite far/or at least not this close)… And I have a whole game to make :smiley:

Ps. I know there’s some fundamental errors with the eye/eyelid shape. I’ll try to refine and fix this when it’s time for a second pass.


Hi again!

Here is a little taste of very cheap and obvious “jump scare” for the garage. For testing purposes I know which car’s alarm is going off.

The car with the triggered alarm will be random, so you never know which car’s alarm will go off and when it’ll happen. Although this will only happen **once **during the game play.