After used the "Merge actor" tool

UE5: After used the “Merge actor” tool, the merged mesh is not visible on the reflection surface when it is outside of the screen, but unmerged actors are still visible on the reflection surface even when they are outside of the screen. Is this is a mistake?

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I think that’s because it’s screen space reflections ( or do you have lumen reflections configured? ).

With SSR, the object has to be on the screen to reflect.

The problem is that some objects, such as the two cubes in the picture, are visible on the reflection surface when they are off-screen. Why?

Ok, then it’s not SSR. Meh… reflections is a whole ‘thing’.

I suggest you export the merged meshes and reimport them as fbx. Maybe youll get the results toure looking for.

I think you have to do “generate mesh distance field” again, within the properties of the static mesh :face_in_clouds:

I just tried to turn off and turn on the distance field again, and restart the project, the problem still exists

*Keep waiting for answers. Thank you