After updating to 4.2, EngineUserInterfaceClasses.h cannot be found

After updating my source code to v4.2 (downloaded zip file), and converting the .uproject file to point to the new 4.2 directory, I tried to recompile my project and received the following error:

Cannot open include file: EngineUserInterfaceClasses.h : No such file or directory.

The project builds fine under 4.1, so I was wondering if this is a problem on my end, or it has something to do with the new v4.2 release.

#Should Be Good

You should be good if you just delete that include :slight_smile:


Thanks, Rama. The include was in my project’s PlayerController.cpp file and removing it solved the problem. I was confused because the include was auto-generated when I created the project so I didn’t think that I could remove it. Thanks very much.