after packing: vive montioncontroller are parented to hmd


after packing my project (is used a fps example and put everything into the fps_bp) the vive and motioncontrollers are magically parented.
everytime i turn my head i turn the controller.

in the editor everything works just fine.

Do you get the same problem if you package and run the standard VR template?
How did you set up the VR pawn in your project?

i just tried it with the vr_template and everything works great.

basically i dont, i just put the motion controllers on the fps blueprint and disabled the movment components, and since it works in the editor i though it will also work packaged.

so, got it!

i changed it to a generic pawn with the stuff, pack it and it works, but still, i dont get the logic of the bug…

thx anyway

I don’t think it is a bug, probably you are not setting up your VR pawn properly.

The standard FPS template already supports VR out of the box. To enable the Motion Controllers you just need to edit the first person pawn BP and set to true the related boolean variable.

This has been covered many times before on this forum.

yes vr_marco, your right, it is covered several times.

and no, with version 4.18 even if everything works with the fps pawn and you compile it, the fps movmet somehow overwrides the vr controls.

it was only possible with setting up a new pawn and replacing it with the fps pawn.

i was just confused why its not possible, its not a bug