After packaging my game, the first level keeps restarting itself

Build: Binary, from Launcher
Version: Unreal Engine 4.7.3
System Specs: Alienware 13, Nvidia Geforce 860M

I was testing the packaging features of Unreal Engine 4 to see if the screen resolution is acceptable for me. I used the FPS tutorial that was on Unreal Engine 4 wiki page. While I was testing it, the first level I have in the game started to constantly restart itself. I cannot move around, cannot move my camera around, cannot shoot and watch the projectile slowly descending in the distance, and cannot get this problem to stop.

Here is a GIF showing me frantically moving my mouse around, pressing down WASD keys, and shooting projectiles around. You can see the arms at the bottom of the game window repeatedly keeps blurring. This blurring is characterized by level loading, and the camera goes into focus.

I do not have anything in the level blueprints telling it to keep reloading itself. I also do not have anything in my code that tells the game to reload. The only thing I can do is to play the game in the editor, and can only wish I can fix the packaging issue I have so that future sessions and packaging will not have this problem. It is a good thing for me to catch this issue first.

The build was successful, so I am pretty sure something else is wrong, but I don’t know what it is. Can someone help me?

I forgot what I did to fix this. But this issue has been resolved.

I’m having the same issue, can you help me?

Yeah, that was something I have no idea what I did to fix. I then just started all over from scratch in a new build. Don’t waste your time debugging and/or troubleshooting your issue, unless you can reliably reproduce the problem.

If you have access to another UE4 computer, and your project is open source, first move your project to a new computer then build it. If the issue persists, go and submit your open source project to the UE4 engine devs, and explain that you need the full project source codes, and explain how you did it.