After light baking crashed, my textures are all black and can´t re build light.

After light baking crashed, my textures are all black, tried resetting the light mass as explained in this forum, but it remains like that (this image was before the first baking attempt). how can I reset the light and make it dynamic ? Also, every time I try to re build the light, my computer freezes and shuts down UE. My escene is massive, but I have 24 gigs of ram and 8 gigs of video. What can I do to get proper light and render my cinematic ?

Check “Force No-Precomputed Lighting” in “World Settings” and build all will remove all static lighting

You can also try Clean and Validate the lightmass cache A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums


I did all that and now the light looks ok, but I have the “preview” text on all my shadows and it is visible at render time. how can I get rid of it ?

Just so you are aware, it takes me nearly an hour to build around 1.5k instances of foliage and no other geometry on 64GB of ram and 12 of video-card.
Also to render a cinematic at 60FPS you may need a better setup with such a huge scene. I guess that does depend more on what resolution you are rendering out though. and if the scene can actually run at 60FPS or not.
If you are still having trouble after trying what was suggested above, maybe deleting the content of the Saved folder and forcing a full shader recompile that way can help.

Change your lights from stationary and static to moveable.

Light looks ok now, but I want to get rid of the “preview” watermarks everywhere. is there a way to do it without rebuilding ? because as I said, my pc shuts down unreal when I try.