After last patch the foliage is drawn with the lowest LOD mesh (Unreal Tournament)

After last patch (4.15.0) of Unreal Tournament the foliage is drawn allways with the lowest LOD mesh. Distance doesn’t matter.

If I place the mesh with ContentBrowser into the map without the foliage tool it is ok. If I disable the LOD in the mesh editor the foliage is drawn then with the high detail mesh.

Secondly the cull distance is much lower in my map.

Hi wARmAcH1n3

This was a bug in UE 4.15 Preview 1. Preview 2 has fixed the issue.


I verified my Unreal Tournament Editor again. By loading it says version 4.15.0.
Still same bug. So the fix isn’t released yet for Unreal Tournament Editor?

I’m not exactly sure how UT releases work with Engine preview builds releases, I’ll try to found out for you. But in any case 4.15 is not yet finalized and we’re releasing Preview builds at the moment which have a number of known bugs.

Thank JackP for the info. I will wait for the next patch.

Today was a patch (but it still says 4.15.0). Still not fixed.

Sorry, just heard about the change today. We’ll have the fix next release. Sorry about that!