After Effects to UE4 through UMG

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if an After Effects file could be imported into UE4 and used with UMG. I plan to make a little background for some text that is animated to fade in and fade out (actual text would be handled in UMG. It’s for a damage system to display the damage delt to whatever character or enemy.

Definitely not something that’s implemented yet AFAIK, Sounds like something you’d do with a material though.

It is unlikely we will get to that soon. It is much more likely we will add more robust support adding fancy effects right in UMG rather than requiring users have After Effects. Out of curiosity why would you not just use the timeline in UMG to fade in and out the text?

i work in game company and we use AE to create animation for our Hiding object games and then with JS script convert all information from AE to lua code, its in more time faster then do “code” animation… so i totally support AE to UE4(because UE4 i think after many years don’t have same simple tools like in AE) but only for 2d stuff(mantine and timelines its :mad:)

PS EPIC you can just copy all controls, and all principles of work from AE and add to UMG!!! don’t invention the wheel — sorry UMG animation creation drive me crazy…

Hello, I new here :smiley: Me too i was trying to find this and i hope UE4 add this features to UMG

Also new to UMG but I have quite a bit of experience with After Effects. Overall, AE has a lot of options for animation over current UMG. The most important one is the ability to copy and paste key-frame animations/properties from one object to another. I have been very unsuccessful in doing that in UMG and it makes animating multiple objects very time consuming.

I would love if there were some import/export options or a workable pipeline of AE to UE4 myself.