After editing code, what do I need to submit to source control?

I’m guessing I need to submit more to source control than just the edited .cpp and .h files for other people to have my changes - some sort of built file? Unfortunately even with P4 connected in both VS and UE4, my files are neither automatically checked out nor are the altered files mentioned in any way.

It would be nice if all the files that needed check in were actually checked out in P4, but failing that, what files do I actually need to submit. I’m guessing the build.cs files?

Info on this is here: Using Perforce as Source Control | Unreal Engine Documentation

Basically, you only want the Content, Source, Config and UProject files under source control (you can also commit the builds folder if you want to share compiled resources but I probably wouldn’t do this).

Unreal doesn’t, as far as I know, do anything with regards to checking out your source files, only the Content files (although it will mark them for Add if you add new source files through the UE4 editor). To modify source files, make sure you just check out the files you’re working with as you go, or just check out the whole source folder and revert unchanged when you’re ready to commit.

I’ve never used the VS integration with Perforce, I just use the P4V client (download from the perforce website) which I find gives me everything I need.

Thankyou, but the question was not what I should have under source controls, it was what compiled files I need to submit along side code. Thanks though!

OK so it turns out you have to submit the DLL that’s generated in the binaries folder. This is not automatically checked out by p4.

Additionally, you should check it out or make it writeable before you compile the code otherwise UE4 will produce a new DLL. not a big deal but it gets messy.

so the DLL at Binaries > Platform > .dll