After applying lit, my sprites still can't receives light in Game Mode.

Hello everybody,

As the title says, after applying lit to my sprites, it still can’t receive light when i’m playing the Game, but when i’m outside of the Game Mode, it does have light.

EDIT: I found out that the problem isn’t in my material, (I found the MaskedLitSpriteMaterial) but even with that, it doesn’t work for Orthographic camera and my trees is still blacks except the transparent side, any idea? Please and thanks.

Example: This is outside of the Game Mode.

As you can see, it’s in lit. And ignore the other background that has colour, i didn’t put the material to them.

But when i’m in game,

There’s nothing. Note: I didn’t put the light behind the background sprite.

This is my material’s event graph. I would recommend you to go this thread, because mine is in spanish.…namic-lighting

As you can see, my event graph is the same like the link one. With blend mode: Translucent, Shading Model, Default Lit, Two sided ON.

And i see that he’s not playing the game, so obviously that it may not work for him too. And i try to look in google but unfortunately every thread is about the MaskedLit (I don’t know the name) but the MaskedLit doesn’t exist! I try to search in my content, writing MaskedLit. Only the MaskedUnlit does exist. (Well, actually it doesn’t exist but as default material, it’s MaskedUnlit).

My other problem is that, the background trees does change the colour to black (I want it to changes a little, but not a lot), so can you tell me how to changes it’s opacity or colour?

I don’t know if the material’s event graph is working, but if you have a better blueprint, can you help me?

Thanks for the answer.

EDIT: Images fixed

EDIT2: I forgot to tell that in perspective it’s working, but i don’t want my character uses perspective camera mode. Please help me.