Affordable Landscapes: An Unlimited Solution to All Your Terrain Needs

Hey everybody Jack and Alireza are back!

We recently released a grass pack onto the Unreal Marketplace that has received a ton of love! Now we’re releasing the affordable landscape solution to the Unreal community for only $75! And if you’d like to have us create ANY unique landscapes for your project outside of this pack, get in touch and we’ll take care of all your terrain and landscape needs. E-mail us at:

5 Triple A quality Landscapes, one of any kind! No one has detail like this!

4033x4033 Resolution:
This resolution gives you vast areas to implement your game without any worry of running out of space, or being able to see where the world ends.

Advanced materials:
One advanced landscape material per landscape.
A high quality splat map tuned with hand is included per each landscape to prevent any blocky artifacts.
No tiling or repititive textures/patterns anywhere in the world! the shader is setup to give you the maximum variation in the surface and yet it yields best quality.
A variety of high quality, PBR ready textures included with normal maps at 2048x2048 resolution to deliver the maximum quality to your games.

Cloud shadows:
Be happy to have those really nice cloud shadows moving upon the face of your map and give it that realistic and live feeling.

Nice global lighting:
The lighting setup is specificly done for each level to deliver the mood, be it a desert or a snowed mountain, you don’t get an interesting look out of it without the magic of a good lighting.

In-Engine Post processing:
All the images provided for previewing the landscapes are captured within the UE4 editor of course and are clear of any kind of photoshop work. Post processing is done %100 inside the engine and you get what you see.

Color Grading:
A color grading chart or LUT (Look Up table) is added on top of the lighting in order to give it that ultimate adjustments and deliver the ultimate quality.

Note: These landscapes are at their final state, optimized and ready for your games to be implemented. You don’t need to do any work on making them ok. You will also receive our support which means new textures, materials, lightings and more.

UPDATED 02/22/15:

Looks really good!

Just a short hint, improve the materials so that you cant see the textures repeating over the terrain -> grass terrain 1/2 + mountain range 2 :wink:
To solve that, take a look at the materials from the starter content.

Hello and thank you for the feedback Fighter!. This is a very basic map pack with small landscape materials. Clients can change the the tiling of the used textures according to their taste though. We have an advanced material under development for the next landscape pack. But if you find this pack not worth $50 please let us know so we make some changes to our plans to update the internal road map and landscape packs.

I’d agree with Fighter on this one - I think posting this pack with the images you have now (and the tiling not adjusted) would greatly hurt your interest. I thought the same thing when I saw the images and the tiling made me want to say no. It’s a small fix that would improve your quality in a big way.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wouldn’t buy the pack for any price if I knew there were simple issues like tiling that I’d have to go back in and fix. The time and effort required to download, install, then go through and fix the material parameters is way more valuable to me than the money, especially when I could get the same results from WorldMachine with about the same amount of time and effort as buying your asset pack (and even more importantly, waiting 1-2 months for it to actually be approved and listed on the marketplace). Just make one pack that includes your advanced landscapes, because that’s what people will really want to buy. Especially if you have these on the marketplace right next to your advanced (and better) version - that’s a no-brainer which one any consumer would pick.

Thank you for the amazing breakdown and feedback! It puts everything into perspective. I’m reworking everything now! Will post updates soon!

When you improve the material a little bit, the package could be worth the price. :slight_smile: But I personally would add more and different types of landscapes (probably one with hills, something like an island, a sand desert scene,…) to the package, because with world machine or terresculptor those landscapes are pretty easy to generate.

But as I mentioned, just use a similar setup like in the starter content material (especially the grass material) -> will look much better :smiley:

UE4 has done wonders for Urban Cityscapes & Office buildings etc, no doubt about it. But rural has been lacking… Maybe its the lack of variation within the terrain, lack of foliage in the samples, but it just doesn’t look natural or realistic. I’d like to see more detail and more variation within each scene. Even UDK was better, for example check out this first screenshot from the UDK demo LSMobile_Castle… The other examples are from the Italian Alps… Q: New UE4 forums don’t offer double-click to zoom???


You either have to add your picture directly into the text or you can also just do a right click on the pictures in the attachment - view picture (dont know the exact english expression for it ^^).

No worries thanks Fighter. I just happened to be using IE11 at the time and there was no right click view image option, but Firefox and Chrome both have it so cool!

It would be nice to have a grass terrain that isnt so hilly in the middle, so maybe similar to the Arid Mountain Range 1 :slight_smile:

Hey guys. Thanks for all the amazing feedback so far. Keep it coming. We’ve decided to go with the following landscapes for our first pack. They should provide you guys with the variety that you’re looking for we think.

  1. Arid Mountain Range 1
  2. Snow Mountain Range 1
  3. Canyon Landscape 1
  4. Archipelago Set of Islands
  5. Grass Plains

I always have trouble with tiling, no idea how to fix it… Follow docs, tutorials to no alas :frowning:

You can either randomly mix a variation into the material or you could fade into a large colour/texture over the distance -> grass material from the starter content or the sand material from the vehicle demo. :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,

This was a great opportunity for us to evaluate people’s tastes and re-arrange our goals accordingly. Our goal was to release 3 landscape packs. Basic, Pro and Ultimate versions but we have found out that people mostly want some eye catchy landscapes rather than paying small for a basic look. So our first pack which was aimed to be some bare world machine height maps and a few textures with simple materials wasn’t anything enough to please this great community therefore we have eliminated our Ultimate pack and split it’s features between Basic and Pro packs. By eliminating the third pack which has been worth of over $200 of content, we are only charging another $25 on this pack, therefor $75 for triple A quality landscapes and much more content!

With that said, let’s take a look at this pack’s updated highlights:

5 High quality Landscapes at 4033x4033 resolution.
1 Advanced landscape material per landscape. No tiling or repititive patterns anywhere.
xxx Very high quality textures plus normal maps at 2048x2048 resolution.
Cloud shadows
Nice global lighting
In-Engine Post processing
Color Grading

Mountain ranges ending up in sand dunes, provides a vast area in between for you to implement your game-play elements and enjoy playing in a very high quality environment.

The new pics look tons better. Good job!

Good job! Now it looks much better! :smiley:

The first time I looked at this thread the textures were super unimpressive. Now they look much more pretty.

Awesome work! Excited to see what environments you make next and what people do with these :slight_smile:

The surface detail is super… But I’d still like another level of terrain + color variation between the dunes and the rocks… i.e. 3 colors:

Sand -> Green -> Rock


Sand -> Rock -> Snow

Post some shots from first person view on the ground.