Affecting lightmass shadow strength on individual assets?

Hi guys, was wondering if its possible to affect lightmass shadow strength on specific assets? My problem is that I am using a mesh with transparency that gradiates out to 0 opacity and it looks way too dark on my landscape which I am trying to blend it on. I can’t seem to attach my image to show you the issue as forum database errors are popping up when trying to upload.


there is a lightmass replace node that you can use to alter how lightmass sees the shadow casting material. simply plug your existing input into “realtime” and the modified input into lightmass input.

Thanks for the response Ryan but I’m not sure that can fix it unless I’m hooking this up wrong. I tried playing around with the lightmass replace node but couldn’t do much with it.

In my posted image you can see the meshes with transparency having darker shadows than the landscape. I want them to be lighter shadows to blend better. I could alternatively just sculpt the landscape but I want to figure this out as well as use assets like these for other things.

If you change an individual mesh’s opacity using lightmass replace, I would not expect it to alter how bright the surface of that mesh is, it would only affect how dark the shadow is that is cast on the ground under it.

Think of a stained glass window using static lighting. Using lightmass replace you could change how much light was affected passing through the translucency, but if you want to make the windows themselves darker you need to adjust the basecolor.

in your image it more looks like they are just dark period, but also not receiving any static shadows on the left. What kind of translucent lighting mode are you using? also what is the lightmap resolution? and are you using static lighting?

Yea like you said it was just affecting the shadows. Thanks for explaining it though, I can definitely use this in the future.

I’m not aware of translucency lighting mode, but I’ll look into it. It does look dark but is using the same two textures seen in the landscape it rests on. Lightmap res is default 64 and it is static lit.


Yea so looks like it was the translucency lighting mode! I changed to volumetric directional and that fixed it. Thanks for the help! Appreciate it :smiley: