Aerial perspective problem (sky atmosphere)

As you can see, the aerial perspective (kind of volumetric fog) of sky atmosphere shows with hard transition. I tryied to play with every settings but I can’t fix it.
I can change the “aerial perspective start distance” but not how sharp the transition is.

No clue? It’s really annoying

Try this in the console:

Type “r.SkyAtmosphere.AerialPerspective.StartDepth” and set it to " = 0"

“r.SkyAtmosphere.AerialPerspective.StartDepth 0” does nothing. Looks like the command doesn’t exist.

Ok found it. In case anyone needs it, it was because of wrong Z location of the SkyAtmosphere location. The ground of my level is -50 000 z and the “transform mode” of the SkyAtmosphere component was set to default “planet top at absolute world origin” (so Z=0)
Setting it to “planet top at component transform” and moving the location of the SkyAtmosphere component to Z= -50 000 solved it.

Interesting. So it was probably the offset too, then. Or start distance setting, or the size and location of the fog. Interesting you caught onto it.


I have one problem in the editor window. Seems like it has something to do with the sky atmosphere and that it’s updating at runtime. Can’t figure it out. Everytime I click somewhere in the viewport, there’s some weird flickering and it changes the light.

I was first using Ultra dynamic sky but the same bug happen with just atmosphere

This problem doesn’t show up when I I’m in play mode, only in editor.

Edit : Sorry wrong topic :-/