Advice on where to begin creating these type of materials in unreal (ref images provided)

I’m tasked with creating many new materials for our avatar in game. I have a pinterest page with styles we like and i’d like to get cracking on these. i wanted to ask the community first on how they might approach some of these materials. maybe nodes to use to achieve these looks, things to avoid…just whatever info i can. i always want to get better with the shader tree in unreal and i’m hoping to get some help on these.

Look #1

This to me looks like some type of procedural noise mapped to a gradient? seems simple enough? to get the mapping to work like this on the body i’m guessing is some type of tri planar, i’m hoping that i can have the noise animate so the colors will change on the character?

ANY advice on creating something like this would be amazing.

Look 2

this SEEMS simple enough…i’d have no idea where to being though…i’d hope i could have a slight distortion to the lines so it looks animated, i’d also like to have the lines moving through the body is possible?

Look 3

I would love to have some type of material like below where the lines run up the character, ideally using some type of…world mapping? i wouldn’t want this to be associated with the uvs if that makes sense.

Look 4

this is i like, i’m hoping this is also possible?

I would be thrilled if anyone can point me in any directions that may help me in creating these type of materials. thanks in advance!

Look2 I think I got it by mistake while playing with an outline shader, I divided SceneDepth by to much and then outline each depth step.
Look3 I saw something similar yesterday, Hologram Tree in Chapter 04 of Unreal-Engine-4-Shaders-and-Effects-Cookbook ( GitHub - PacktPublishing/Unreal-Engine-4-Shaders-and-Effects-Cookbook: Unreal Engine 4 Shaders and Eff ).