Advice on material resolution and application method.

Hi All,

So I am trying to make a material for a mesh. The mesh is about 15ft in length, and is part of a recreation of a historic building which is pretty much being built brick by brick. Now, the way I have been trying to detail this is by using multi sub materials, and applying material ids to polys, detaching, unwrapping and then attaching back to the main mesh. This works well, but the issue I’m having is this; the materials, even at 4kx4k are quite blurred.

-I could divide the mesh into smaller parts, but this would mean applying a lot more image files to the same mesh. If one Mat ID channel alone would have for instance an albedo, normal, roughness, specular and possibly AO & height, then dividing that mesh further than the two Mat IDs I’m using would mean about 20-30 different image files for one mesh.

-If I could divide it further, then there is the issue of aligning the materials on the different polys and making them look seamless…a greatly time consuming process.

-I could use a procedural material, but aligning it is the issue, and I literally need it to be brick perfect i.e. where the joins are, the patterns etc, and it just would not look accurate enough for me.

-The dreaded ‘use substance painter’ response comes to mind. (Would be magnificent if I could afford it, yes.) Would this type of material/texture be achievable using this program?

I’m hand-making my materials from photos taken from similar locations as making them this way seems to be the best method, but I just can’t achieve the right resolution in a single Mat ID as I would like.

What would your guy’s thoughts be?

Thanks in Advance.