Advice on getting started

So I have read everything and watched the unreal videos but I could use advice still.

I don’t want a headset, I just want to know what is the easiest, cheapest way to start developing for VR using motion controllers. I go to buy the vive vr set and it tells me my computer wont run it, but I run ue4 just fine and just want to plug in the motion controllers.

How can I just start designing a game based on my hands following my real hands following the motion controllers?

Thanks so much guys!!!

Well… you could buy a leap motion device and start using that. You can either place it on your desk or glue it to a headband and attach it to your forehead. You’ll have hand movements and interactions. That’s kind of what I did before I got a vive.

when you plug in motion controllers, the data you get from those input devices is just a transform. So, if you design your input system to just accept a transform from something, switching between leap motion and vive motion controllers should be pretty straight forward.

Do you think that, if vive is telling me my computer is not ready for its device, I could still use the vive controllers for developing in ue4 seeing as how I have no problems running ue4?
Thanks man

No. The motion controllers are paired with the HMD and communicate to the HMD with a wireless signal, so if you’re running the game without an HMD, you don’t get tracking of the motion controllers.

You have two options:

  1. Upgrade the hardware of your computer to fit the min spec for VR
  2. Buy a leap motion for $25

I strongly encourage #1. You pretty much can’t do VR development without testing in VR. You especially cannot release a VR game without at least running it once in VR. Realize that option #2 is just a way to buy time before option #2.

And unfortunately it seems that leap doesnt have any buttons or a way to move your player around, am i right that vive allows you to move your player with a d-pad on a controller? Without buttons or moving around there isnt much dev i can do anyway with a leap so I guess i must get a vive and upgrade my computer, grrr, thanks so much all

I swear I saw a video of a ue4 employee going through using all different motion controllers and not using any headgear, i mean I just want to dev using good, button having, moving the player able, motion controllers, there has to be a way to do that without getting a great computer.