Advice on a (seemingly) niche learning path?

I’m reaching out to you fine folks today in hopes of getting some direction and/or advice with respect to the specific goals I’m aiming to achieve as I begin my (2nd attempt!) to learning UE4.

While the majority of training in UE4 is understandably geared towards game creation (or, to a lesser extent, archviz), my interest is solely on passive entertainment (cinematics). The top reason I’m interested in learning UE4 is to create a VR app in order to exhibit 360 films that I plan on producing (best examples would be “Dark Corner” or “Within”). So the application in this case would basically be like DVD authoring, where the viewer is greeted by a main menu, button clicks to submenu and then click to play content; upon conclusion of content, viewer returns to main/sub-menu.

I’ll be re-doing a couple beginner tutorials in the coming days/week but, from my research, I haven’t been able to find anything that gets me where I need to be without a ton of superfluous gameplay or interactive learning. I guess what I’m asking is: does anybody know of a more efficient path for me to get where I need to be or am I stuck with a hodge-podge of tutorials where I pluck one useful bit from here and one from there etc.?

Thanks in advance.