Advice for floodlights


Can anyone help me with this please? I need to add some floodlights to my scene, and I’m using spotlights with the intensity cranked up to max and the square inverse falloff disabled. I get a great result for the actual light, but I also need a lens glare and subtle god ray, similar to the attached image. Does anyone have any advice? I’ve searched for lens glare, but I end up with lens flare articles instead. Thanks.


There’s some good example fake god rays in some of the example content, like the Blueprints example Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation

Volumetric fog would be more advanced way to do it. Volumetric Fog | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks. What about the lens glare though, that’s the trickier part I think.

A material with high emissive output (tens or hundreds, depends on your lighting setup) would do the trick by causing glow.

You can either use convolution bloom to get the star shape at bright emissive spots or do what everyone else does: build a particle FX to put in front of the lights that has this star shape and rotates/scales based on viewing angle :slight_smile: