Advice for audio noob - transition from tunnel to open sports arena!?


I am just starting out with the audio side of my project and want to to an effect where the player starts in a narrow corridor but gradually gets closer to the opening into a large sports type arena.

Have you got any advice for how to approach that kind of transition?
Can I do it with unreal’s own tools?
Should I pre manipulate the sounds or try to achieve this on the fly in the game?

Here’s an example of the type of thing I’m talking about. I’m sure there’s more modern examples but this sequence was one of the inspirations to my game and I always loved this film.


you can use “fade in” function for crowd noise. You need to get audio component from your music cue.

I tried a few things and I have a plan. A dynamic low pass filter with some volume changing seems to be good enough to get close.
Not sure if that is physically correct but emulates the film pretty well.