Advanced Space Shader

Hey everyone!

I’ve just about finished creating a procedural spacesphere and planetoid generator. Virtually every detail is adjustable and configurable with everything easily accessible in one place through blueprints. Here’s an early development video:


**Fully configurable spacesphere with optional sun, gas clouds and star field.


Independent luminous bodies for accurate system layout

Planets, with dozens of features to adjust

**Settings galore
SpaceSphere settings

Planetoid Settings

I’m working on adding as many texture and source material assets as possible, but this asset will be released SOON. Price is expected to be reasonable, because everyone needs space assets.

And with that I would like to leave you with my favourite autotune song ever:

This looks really cool!

What is the price point for this?

:o this is quite possibly the coolest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! OMG I WANT DIS

Thanks! Probably around the $30 mark. :slight_smile:

Goddamnit man, I’ve got something similar to this in the works… Now I’m going to have to try and change it up so we aren’t butting heads XD Looks awesome though!

Don’t let that stop you, do it anyway. :slight_smile:

You can generate a few familiar places with the Advanced Space Shader:

This looks incredible, well done!

New year, new feature: orbital systems.

Also, orbital paths:

This looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see more! Can a planets/moons orbit be affected by the gravitational pull of a nearby planet?

They’re not affected by any form of gravity - it’s such a difficult thing to get right that any system even slightly off would quickly become unstable and spiral into blazing death or the cold depths of space. But there’s nothing stopping you from adding gravity support if that’s your nefarious plan. :slight_smile:

The arrangement of planets in relation to the center of the orbital system before you hit play is considered to be the orbit that they want.

Solar objects now support sunspots and solar flares:

The effect can be extreme, or subtle:

Or just go completely nova:

The refinements continue. Planetoids have reached 60 individual parametric controls. Solar objects rest easy at a more sedate 10.

It’s getting so close to release!

And a video of the foliage:

Right now it only works on static planets, but I’m working on figuring that one out!

Update: Fixed it! Planets now have a built-in procedural foliage system that follows them around as they rotate and orbit:

This is the last piece of media I’ll share before this appears on the marketplace, because it is done.


How about generating the planets and placing them on a skysphere to be seen from a landscape?
I mean like for example generating some moons and placing them on the sky in daylight in an either FPS or 3rd person game ? Having 2 , 3 or 4 moons viewable in the sky from a landscape.
Or creating moons, suns, planets and use those on any customizable weather C++ or BP package placing them on the skysphere.

That would work too. You could make a wicked night-time scene with this. Simply make the skysphere and planets huge and place them a good distance away to avoid parallax.

If you placed a weather system inside the skysphere it should look good, provided the system allows things behind it to come through.

There’s two ways to place a sun in this system - a checkbox on on the skysphere itself that creates a directional light or actual stellar bodies. When you’re using it in skybox mode (as opposed to eye-of-god mode where you could potentially see a solar system from any angle) you use the spacesphere sun option. This should handle your lighting needs by default.