Advanced Sessions Plugin

Yes, to the extent that EOS follows the generic subsystems. Them changing the subsystems up to support EOS specifically has actually been breaking things like the steam subsystem as of late.

Hello Mordentral.
We’re still on 4.27.2 so things could change but just to be sure… in our version of AdvancedSessions I found potential bug in
Input parameter ‘bAllowJoinViaPresence’ isn’t propagated to OSS, instead ‘true’ is always used.


Fixed, can’t believe no-one ran into that before

I have 2 issues with connecting through Steam. (Using UE4.27 and AdvancedSessions 4.27) (Using Blueprint)

  1. In CreateAdvancedSession: Setting the Bool Should Advertise to false (to create a Private server) does NOT allow me to invite my Steam friends. Only if it’s set to True. (The prompt to Invite To Lobby in Steam Friends UI does not show)

But according to the description: “Set to true when the OnlineSubsystem should list your server when someone is searching for servers. Otherwise the server is hidden and only join via invite is possible”

  1. In FindSessionsAdvanced setting the INT Min Slots Available to anything other than 0, leads to no Session being found. If I set it to 0, it can be found, if i set it to 1 (so I can at least have 1 free slot open) it can’t be found.

This however works if I PIE or Standalone (not using Steam). So this bug only occurs while playing through Steam (on 2 different PCs / steam accounts). How do I filter out so I don’t search for Lobbies that are already at maximum capacity? I don’t want to have to join a full Lobby only to be kicked out, it’s better if I filter out those from the search altogether.

Thanks for any input and clarification! :slight_smile: