Advanced Sessions Plugin

My Project already has a server Browser. But sometimes its handy to share a steam link like steam://connect/IP_ADDRESS:27016 to join a gameserver.

Did a search, this post might help you Implementing the Steam SDK with Unreal Engine 4 -
ISteamMatchmakingServers Interface (Steamworks Documentation)

Get the Session/ Get Player Name/Text to String/Return

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Hi, packaging for Windows works but the packaging for Linux causes the following error (UE 4.27):

AdvancedSteamFriendsLibrary.h(38,10): fatal error: 'steam/steam_api.h' file not found

Any idea what I’m missing?

They screwed up some of the module setup for steam in 4.27 AFAIK, they ported to a newer steam SDK and the steam module isn’t precompiled on binary releases for linux and also isn’t linking correctly.

Update - Compiled UE4.27 from source and set all custom plugins to only build whitelist for Win64 and Linux which fixed this error :slight_smile:

Has anyone gotten this plugin to build succesfully on macOS? When I open a project with these plugins on a Mac, it says I need to build them. But there are two build errors, so I can’t proceed and open the project:

Can you download and try again from the master branch?

They have this note in the 4.27 steam module, looks like Mac specifically is on the older steamSDK while everything else was upgraded.

        // The current SDK version number.
        double SteamVersionNumber = 1.51;
        if (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Mac)
            // 1.51 on Mac is crashing on 4.27, quick fix to make sure Steam still works on Mac
            SteamVersionNumber = 1.47;

What version does advanced steam sessions support in terms of ue4?

All since 4.16

Hi everyone, I can’t find my sessions over network (not in editor). Why did this happen? I’ve always had problems finding sessions with this plugin, but for some time it worked. Do you need to forward your ports to use this? Are there any better alternatives? Or am I doing something wrong? Do you need special arguments? Thanks for any help or tips!!

Currently running UE 4.27.1, installed plugins through a source build of the engine, I noticed it says above “DO NOT install through the source plugins folder but your project plugins folder”. I installed both of the modules and rebuilt the editor, when I opened the game project editor I get greeted with a message saying “The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:” it lists my game name, and the two modules “AdvancedSessions, and AdvancedSteamSessions” it asked if I would like to rebuild the project. After rebuilding the project it says “Engine modules are out of date, and cannot be compiled while the engine is running. Please build through your IDE.” What does this mean and how do I get the plugins to work? thank you much appreciaited.

Currently rebuilding the engine source, and game again through visual studios if anything else changes will reply with more.

You need to rebuild the plugins, for example - command prompt:

<UnrealEngine install path>\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\RunUAT.bat BuildPlugin -plugin="<path to the plugin>\AdvancedSession\AdvancedSession.uplugin" -package="C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\test"

The -package is the output folder, you’d need to make a folder titled ‘test’ for the above to work.