Advanced Sessions Plugin

i dont know why but i cant find any Session in my Find Session after packaging
any Fix

have you set SessionSettings.bAllowJoinInProgress = true. ??

i use blueprint
i try it in 4.26
and 4.27 and it fail alwayes

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Just call the widget that you list all the servers in on your Main Menu.

Destroy the Session for the controller when they leave, then they can find new sessions

Do I need to an extra setting in the EngineDefault.ini file to enable sending/receiving invitations?

Just the standard Steam settings. Make sure you’ve re-parented your game instance to advanced friends game Instance. When you go to ‘send session invite to friend’ make sure you’re already in a session/lobby else it may fail.

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Thank you for the clarification!

Hi, I reviewed the last couple hundred posts but couldn’t find any solutions.

Trying to package for Linux 64-bit on UE4.27 but getting the following error:

  • Missing precompiled manifest for ‘SteamShared’. Full output:
    Linux previously compiled on UE4.26.1 - Appreciate any help, been trying to resolve for the last week.

Let me know if you need any help with Steam invites/testing, I just added mine not too long ago.

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Will do! Thanks :smiley:

Looks like the SteamShared module is incorrectly setup since their port to the newest steam api. The steam subsystem includes that module (and so then does AdvancedSteamSessions since it includes the steam subsystem for some references).

Thanks, really appreciate the help! I’ve spent way too much time trying to fix it. I tried their new Steam API but it was soo broken I ended up disabling it. Guess I’ll just leave it until the next update then.

UE5 i got this error while trying to compile
/Plugins/AdvancedSessionsPlugin-UE5-Prerelease/AdvancedSessions/Source/AdvancedSessions/Private/FindSessionsCallbackProxyAdvanced.cpp(119): error C2065: ‘SEARCH_LOBBIES’: undeclared identifier

is there an easy fix for this?

Thats my bad, ported the 4.27 fix to ue5 by accident, i’ll pull that commit back out.

it works again, thank you :slight_smile:

This is the first time I’ve heard of the advanced friends game instance. What is it’s function?

Have a look at the documentation - Advanced Friends Game Instance
It’s mostly for sending/accepting Steam game invites.

I’m curious about: how can I join a server via the steam server browser?

Don’t believe that’s supported. Besides, it’s really ugly having to use a popup Steam overlay to access the Steam Server Browser, not to mention non-Steam users can’t use that server browser. Doesn’t take all that much effort to design your own server browser.