Advanced Sessions Plugin

Pre-built binaries have been uploaded 4.26.2.

I am unsure if this will be seen as my threads are ended in aug 2020 and appear to have been partially wiped…

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Hi! Thanks for the updates so far. Really good job!

Question: is there going to be update for 4.26.2? It’s 19 days since the release.

Its already updated to it, after the forum migration I wasn’t allowed to edit my old posts. I got permission back recently though, changed the link name.

Thanks for the 4.26.2 plugin update, and for the plugin in general, super helpful indeed. For some reason I’m getting an error that the plugin was built for version 4.26.0. Or is that normal? This error comes up regardless of whether I place the plugin in the engine or project directory.

Something that may or may not be related: when packaging my project for Win x64 or Android I get the following compile error:

[Compiler] BaseAsyncTask: Missing function FindSessionsAdvanced from class Unknown Class for async task Async Task: Missing Function from Source


[Compiler] BaseAsyncTask: Missing function CreateAdvancedSession from class Unknown Class for async task Async Task: Missing Function from Source

If I package with plugins enabled there’s no problem. Compile errors only occur if I tie the Create and Find Advanced Sessions to an event.

I’m using UE 4.26.2 Oculus build. Any ideas what might be going wrong?

I have recompiled the engine and the project to no avail.

Hey there.

I’m attempting to use this plugin for my game but i have ran into a little bit of an issue when using the “find Session Advanced” node.

I am hosting a game using the “create advanced session” node to initiate the server in an attempt to get steam multiplayer working. I have managed to get everything working correctly, but only using the “find sessions” node. Everything works when using this node in a packaged game for shipping and i can successfully connect to a friend that i have also sent the game too. When i swap to the “find session advanced” however, i am no longer able to find the hosted game.

I am using UE4.25.3 and have my own steam app id that i am using.

I’m not sure how to go about debugging this issue, so i would appreciate any guidance on this issue. Thanks!

Edit: i may have posted this prematurely, as just aster writing i noticed a few posts above someone having a similar issue. I see someone mentioned to install the plugin to the engine folders instead of the project, so i will try this now and see if this fixes my issue. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: unfortunately it didn’t appear to fix my issue.
Edit 3: turns out setting the “min slots available” to anything other than 0 just returned no results… and i had mine set to 1 this entire time. Rip 3 hours…

Hey, i was wondering if you could elaborate on what you meant by “max ping is set to 900”. I don’t seen an option to specify the max ping and i’m having an issue finding hosted servers using this find advanced sessions node. Thanks!

Its because its compiled for the normal engine 4.26 version, the oculus fork is a seperate engine build and you will actually have to build the plugin for it.

Thanks for getting back to me. I went back and rebuilt the plugin for both the Engine and the Project, but still no luck. I even created a C++ project and rebuilt the plugin there. It still says: the plugin was designed for build 4.26.0.

The way I am rebuilding is as follows:

Place the ‘AdvancedSessions’ folder (which includes ‘AdvancedSessions’ and ‘AdvancedSteamSessions’) into the ‘Plugins’ folder within the Project directory (I have also tried rebuilding by putting both plugins into the Plugins directory). Deleted the ‘Binary’ and ‘Intermediate’ folders of each plugin. Generated visual studio files of the project. Loaded up visual studio, cleaned project, rebuilt. Did a similar thing for the engine. I also tried deleting the binaries and intermediate folders of the project and engine to do full rebuilds.

The project is definitely pointing to the Oculus UE 4.26.2 build.

Not quite sure what I am doing wrong.

I’m using VS 2017. I know Epic now recommends VS 2019. Could this be the issue?

Yeah doesn’t sound like it is actually building, that or you have a copy of the plugin in the engine directory that is being loaded up.

Hello I am using the plugin in 4.26 and we have 9999 of ping, and we get disconnected when we test teh game, I can make video if needed, help please, I wonder if getting disconnected from the game every now and then it is related to the 9999 of ping…

What is the speed of your network connection on the systems you are using?

I found a solution to the problem!! I no longer get the startup error and it now packages the project fine. Sharing here in case anyone else has this issue. Very simple fix:

This fix is for the Oculus UE build.

Ensure the plugins are not in the engine dir. Rebuild the engine without the plugins if they were. Ensure the plugins are in the project dir.

Open the .uproject file of each plugin in a text editor and change the line: “EngineVersion”: “4.26.0” to “EngineVersion”: “4.26.2”. I also changed line “VersionName”: “4.26.0”, to “VersionName”: “4.26.2” but I don’t think that is needed.

Then delete the binaries and intermediate folders of each plugin. Regenerate project files and rebuild the project in VS.

Boom, problem solved. I hope this helps.

Hey it is a normal speed, perhaps I had lag in that moment but I doubt it!

That is not a real ping number, steam lobbies don’t provide a ping value by default, you need to setup Steam Auth in engine for it to provide an automatically calculated ping for you.

See the steam online authentication section here: