Advanced Sessions Plugin

Find advanced sessions and create advanced sessions both have use lobbies enabled, I never added steam auth and checked in the BaseEngine (In the ue4 4.27 folder and packet defaults doesn’t use steam). Strangely enough, it has worked a few times in standalone mode, but only 1/10 times. Inviting friends using steam invites however do work, so the sessions are being made.Screenshot (16)

I see. Thank you for the clarification!!

Check the log for steam subsystem errors, im not dealing directly with the backend part so its not to do with the plugin itself.

@mordentral It says this: [2021.09.07-16.52.16:730][295]LogOnline: Warning: OSS: Async task ‘FOnlineAsyncTaskSteamFindLobbiesForFindSessions bWasSuccessful: 0 NumResults: 2’ failed in 15.070326 seconds

@mordentral I actually was just looking through the logs and found this: SessionInfo: HostIP: INVALID SteamP2P: 76561198062368263:7777 Type: Lobby session SessionId: Lobby[0x1860000029A3152] Could this be the cause of the finding sessions problem?

no that is normally unrelated

Anyone some news about plugin for UE5?

It has a ue5 branch on the repo, I don’t make prebuilt binaries on EA / preview builds.

It also works on ue5-main using the 4.27 (master) branch with the couple changes that were needed for UE5EA.

Also would like to know. We have been running our game for months now without any issues, but after upgrading to 4.27, the same issue occurs.

I am doing the tutorial for doing steam with unreal. I am using 4.27. I am unable to proceed further as I cant even host as steam wont even create the session.

Im assuming that you aren’t using this plugin as that is a Udemy tutorial, however as I explained above 4.27 changed some lobby stuff for EOS and broke steams default BP hosting as it never set a default for the new setting. The 4.27 nodes engine default nodes won’t work for steam lobby hosting until they fix it by exposing the setting or setting it to true by default.

Ya, it works if I set SessionSettings.bUseLobbiesIfAvailable = true; and it works even if I set DataAdvertisementType to ViaOnlineService. It works on 2 PCs on 2 different steam accounts, but I have not tested running the game over the internet with another PC on an another network.

Though it works it still looks like you are forcing it to work. Ya would look for better solution.

Hi I’m having trouble joining a session over steam using this plugin. I see discussion around 4.27 being broken, so perhaps that’s it. I am on 4.27.

My flow is as follows:

  • Games uses the steam space wars game id. Trying to connect to a listen server. Both client and host appear on steam as using space wars when running the game in standalone.
  • Host creates advanced session with a single session key to identify the game in “Extra Settings”
  • Host loads map with option “listen”
  • Client searches for sessions, finds exactly 1, and confirms it has the expected session key pair
  • Client runs “Join Session” and the On Success Pin fires, printing a message
  • Nothing happens. Client does not load the map. Host doesn’t see client join.

I see the following in the logs, not that I really know what I’m looking for…

LogNet: Join succeeded: DESKTOP-K38O73K-1826
LogOnlineSession: Warning: OSS: No game present to join for session (GameSession)

Is this the same problem others have been encountering or something different?

I have an other strange behavior:

The player count is now not displayed, ther dedicated server always shows 0 players.

I think its because I had to disable


I also have my own steam AppID
I think I have to role back to the older engine version 4.26.3

Because I have no idea how to fix this.

The host doesn’t show in the client if SessionSettings.bAllowJoinInProgress = true;

I removed this line and it works on 4.27 and the host shows up on client list and you can join. but if the client leaves then you cant run the app and join as it wont show up on the list. The server would have to be restarted for them to show up the client again.

Have you set SessionSearch->MaxSearchResults = 100; ???

Yes. I am 100% certain that the search is finding the host. It finds exactly 1 game (during testing, presumably that depends on other people running Space War on steam), and confirms it has the extra key value pair in its extra settings.

Ok, do you have SessionSettings.bAllowJoinInProgress = true; then? If yes then set it to false and try.

I’ll note that they also updated to the latest steam SDK version in 4.27 as well so their may be some bugs on their end beyond just what they broke when adding the new stuff for EOS. Anything specific like that should be tested without the plugin and bug reported to them for a hopeful 4.27.1 or .2 fix.

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