advanced Road material problem

Hi unreal community,

I am making a big medieval world but, while enhancing my land material, there is something I did not succeed to achieve: the road material.
I know, that I should use the spline tool but the splines are not always joined with the landscape, and it would be a lot easier to have the road created by the material.
This is why I tried to create a material function which could make a road with a center texture, a border texture and, two furrows .

But… I did not succed, so I just would like to know if anyone has an idea on how to make this.
Thank you !

Have you considered the road plugin?

While I can see that you might want to work out your own solution, that thread might give you some suggestions on how to make your own roads.

Yes, the road plugin is really great but I would really want to know if someone have succeeded to make a road material only by material an this Advanced, in fact, my mmodel is the witcher 3 road system, I have used a mod to look around the map freely (just navigating like a camera) an I am sure that they achieve their roads with only a landscape material. I know they use their own engine but I really want to achieve Something similar with ue4.

The opposite is true. Roads in witcher are done in the same fashion as you would do it with spline road tool. Neither they are exactly conforming to the terrain.

What you want to achieve is probably doable, using some sort of flow map to mark direction of the road, and distort your road tiling texture UVs based on that. However, this approach will be inferior in all respects.

Ok I see, thank you for your answer, it was just that the transition between roads and landscape in the witcher is really smooth and I though that it was made by the landscape material…