Advanced Material Pack

Direct link to the pack on the Markerplace -

I just submitted an advanced material pack which includes 9 materials that I’ve created over the past 4 months which are all setup for instancing, hopefully the pack gets approved and put into the marketplace so keep an eye out for it in the voting boards!

If it does make it to the marketplace i plan to release a few more packs later down the line.

The pack includes the below materials and variants:

  • Water (Tessellated, Flat, Opaque and Translucent with depth bias opacity and coloring as well as vertex paint wave height and coloring control and emissive used for ‘shimmer’)
  • Terrain (Tessellated with vertex blending for up to 3 different texture sets via RGB and Alpha lets you paint the height via vertex paint)
  • Skin (Sub-surface scattering and advanced gloss which allows you to create realistic sweat via instanced values)
  • Multi-Use Base (Can be used for just about anything from wood to metal to stone, includes emissive RGB mask support)
  • Cloth (Masked, sub-surface scattering ad vertex animated via wind)
  • Masked Bump Offset (Used for things like grates and railing, gives a 3 dimensional look via bump offset and masking)

In the meantime here is a quick preview.

Very nice!

Amazing! Well Done! :slight_smile:
EDIT: and Shut up and take my money!

Great work!

Very nice work!

Thanks! I plan to create a lot more assets if this material pack makes it to the market and does well.

Those are really well done man! Nice work! :slight_smile:

I am always looking for more textures/materials, especially ones with this level of quality! I will give you my vote when this is up on the trello for sure!

I also have a bunch of high quality 4096 textures i created which i was thinking about releasing as well - They include Diffuse, Normal, Gloss and AO

Yes please!! I have a large selection as well, but I am in need of larger images for certain pieces, so the 4k ones would be the second item I am interested in, will be keeping an eye out for! :slight_smile:

I’m working on organizing them now for the pack then i will submit hopefully sometime to day and I’ll throw up another preview thread like this one as well.

I just submitted the texture pack as well, here is the preview thread for it -

Really nice

Thank you!

Very nice, I love the water it’s so blue!

That’s gorgeous. I’ll buy it!

If that’s not a meaningful vote of approval i don’t know what is! :slight_smile:

Thanks, you can also change the water color to be lighter, darker, less/more saturated and tweak the subsurface color to your liking as well to achieve some rally nice results.

Good news! The pack was just added to the Trello board so now it just needs to be voted into the marketplace -

If you’re interested in it go give it a vote! Thanks in advance.

Voted! Your content looks great, can’t wait to see it in the marketplace. :slight_smile:

Voted too ;

Voted - this looks 100% awesome. NICE!