Advanced Glass Material Pack (4K @60FPS video)

Hello everyone.
I wanted to share what I’ve been working on past weeks -** An Advanced Glass Material Pack**
My goal was to create an easy-to-use, high quality and customizable glass / transparent material pack for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are an architect, a game developer or a filmmaker, you should find this package useful.

Release date is planned for: 30th of September

Blog: Unreal Engine 4 blog | Unreal Engine 4 Blog
Twitter: @MichalOrzelek

Overview video (4K @60FPS):


Pack details:

5 Master UE glass materials:

  1. Clean: Colored + 10 tillable patterns + 2 scratched (with normal maps)
  2. Dirty: 9 different variations
  3. Frozen: 3 different frost textures (with normal maps)
  4. Shattered: 6 different variations (with normal maps)
  5. Wet: 2 Rain patterns


  • Vertex paint support
  • Over 40 textures (Masks + Normal Maps)
  • Custom textures support (opacity, refraction, roughness override)
  • Easy and flexible Material Instance workflow
  • High resolution textures (up to 2k)
  • Bonus content

HDRI Maps are not included



Let me know what do you think.


Thanks to: Osman from UE4 forum for his Showcase Blueprint

Those glass materials are the best looking one I’ve seen so far in all PC games ! They look fabulous :smiley:

Your project organisation and presentation is truly awesome too :slight_smile:

Awesome work !

These are fantastic! Definitely keeping my eye on these.

Nice, well done.!

Thanks for feedback!

Here’s a quick test with Quixel’s demo level:

These look very good, I look forward to their release.

Do you think you can add one with just window streaks?

@CheapModeler: Actually I already have several examples of dirty glass / window in the pack. If textures provided are not the ones you’re looking for, you can always import your own black and white mask with streaks. I made those Materials customizable so there is no problem to get such effect. I’ll make more detailed video soon.

For some of them it would be cool to have a slider to bring in some of the effects. Like have frost build up on the edges.

Each Glass Type (Dirty, Frozen, etc) has its unique parameter group. So, in a way there is a “slider” or “intensity controller” for effect. However it works on entire object, not only on edges.

Here’s an example:


When will you release? I could use the rainy windows… like yesterday…

Yep i’m also looking forward to the rainy window…

so need these :o

Hi what is the setting for getting like a super-mirrored glass? Like literally a bathroom mirror in those various states (perfect mirror, dirty, shattered, etc.)?

Well you definitely have a purchase from me whenever this pack is released :slight_smile:

I totally agree though Mirror’s Edge Catalyst could be a prime contender to take that mantelpiece or come a close 2nd :wink:

Already hitting F5 in marketplace, :smiley: cant wait to try these.

Thank you guys! I’m so excited because it’s my first submission. The package has been already accepted by the Epic and now I wait for next Marketplace update. I am not sure when it is going to be released as I didn’t get precise date. Hopefully it will be soon. I will inform you when I know more.

You could achieve “super-mirrored” glass with this pack (max opacity and metallic parameters). However non-transparent material would be better (cheaper) for this I guess.

Thanks for answer. :slight_smile:

This is great! As soon as it’s available, I will be buying, good sir! As terrible as it would be to smash them, are you planning to add destructibility in the future releases?