Advanced Character Movement Component

I am working on an custom character movement component for the marketplace that will add expanded modes and behavior to the standard character movement component.

Current Features:
Wall Jump
Custom Gravity Support
Orient to Gravity
Aim Handling
Native VR support

Current Movement Modes:
Wall Climbing
Wall Running
VR Climbing


What types of functionality would you like to see in this movement component?

Hello BlackRang666,
i am very interested. I need this for my spider!!!
Kind regards,

Looking pretty nice! Any idea how much this is going to cost? If you don’t mind me asking, how was the spider one done?

Not sure what the price will be yet as it will depend on how long it takes me to finish and how many modes I add. Basically, spider mode stores the positioning of the character as a delta from what it was standing on at the end of a frame, and at the beginning of the next frame reapplies that delta to the new location of what it was standing on before handling movement input.

Oh alright. Keep up the great work!

Update: I have four functioning modes currently; swinging, spidering, laddering, and 6DOF flight.

Let me know what movement abilities and modes you would like to see implemented.

Hi BlackRang,

Nice stuff you have here.

As I always request on things I find useful can you make this multiplayer ready?

Also can you explain some of the swinging logic? Are you using Physics or driving this with timelines, interping the character to certain location while +/- the Z to create that curve?

It looks smooth, good job!

I don’t plan on releasing until I am sure everything replicates properly in multiplayer. (Hopefully that isn’t too hard, multiplayer is an area I don’t have a lot of experience in) Swinging mode turns simulation on in the capsule, and starts passing input to the capsule as forces and torques. I spawn in an actor I created called a PhysRope, and constrain the capsule to it. The PhysRope can have its total length and the length of its segments set on spawn. Its hard to see because I haven’t added a visual to it yet, it is just a series of constrained capsules.

I added animations for the ladder mode.

I’ve finished Climbing Mode

Just using the ladder animation for it at the moment.

Here is wall jumping implemented.

Wall running is implemented.

To Do List:
Rewrite Epic’s modes to support custom gravity.
Add custom animations.
Testing, bugfixing, etc.
Network testing and implementations.
Sample Game design.

Is this gonna work for First Person as well? Looks amazing.

How about network friendly MoveToLocation and MoveToActor functions for possessed pawns/characters? The current SimpleMoveToLocation only works in single player. It does not work with clients?

Looking awesome, subcribed to thread. Please add an option to “tilt” the player a bit when wall running.

Yessssssss. Cant wait to try the spider walking in VR!

It is quite fun.
I just finished implementing gravity volumes.

If this will be done and provide some acceptable Animations that could be really awesome :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Is this still in progress? Cause I will get it in a heartbeat!

Still in progress. I’m in the middle of making everything so far work in multiplayer.

Very Cool and impressive.
All what was missing.

It seems essential for any project. I would love to see spider-walking movements in enemies spiders driven by AI.

If is it not limited to physics movements only, I like to see things as movement plus Animation* components also: Like covering behind the wall, crouching and cover, crawling,
swimming, side evasion, sprint and strafe components, ready to root motion animations and custom animations.

I guess I forgot to mention I already have swimming in, with two sub-modes.
Surface swimming still aligns you to gravity while diving under the water allows to 6DOF movement.