Advanced Character Movement Component

Updated the first post with a swimming video.

Native c++ VR support is in.

Wow! This looks awesome! Question though: for the wall climbing mode, it looks like you can pretty dynamically climb on things. How is it for climbing on complex shaped geometry? A simple example being a sphere or oval, like could you climb all the way around it, even if it is moving? Is it possible to use that climbing mode an a moving/deforming skeletal mesh? This is the feature I am most interested in and I would totally get this pack just for that implementation. :smiley:

The shape or motion shouldn’t matter. I’m working on a test project now so I can do some network tests. Once I’m certain everything is working in multiplayer I will be able to submit the plugin.

Any update on this, also very interested in particularly in or around MoveToLocation and MoveToActor functions for possessed pawns/characters

I’m still working on it. Because wait times for the marketplace are so slow and revenue from there is low in general contract work has to take priority for the time being, but I am making progress. Right now I am still running through network tests on all the features and looking into AI navigation solutions.

Any news on this?
Looking quite excellent! <3