Advanced animal roaming

Hi, Im trying to make a Jurassic Park genesis type of game and ive run into some trouble. I dont know how to make the dinosaurs roam and go about their business in their enclosures realistically. I cant find a tutorial that could help me out all the tutorials show you how to make a AI that mindlessly runs around.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

U would need to learn AI these are human AI but for animals won’t be very different . Just need good animations for the purpose…

AI tutorial



Could you tell me how you think i should go about this?

ok first U need to learn to use a modelling tool…ex: Blender
then create animation like ideal (When the character remains static)
then a running and walk animation(character in motion)
like this

How To Rig a Horse For Animation in Blender 2.71 - YouTube

then follow this tutorial to create an AI that chases attacks and roams around in a place Creating AI in UE4 Part 1 - AI Components - YouTube

i dont need it to attack all i want it to do is to walk around maybe randomly start runnding for abit and then back to walking

ive got the animations

now follow the AI tutorials . First do as the tutorial suggest with the character provided by ue4 then later U can improvise