advance material help

Hi, there is this amazing water puddle material that I downloaded from herebut It is difficult for me to understand how he achieves it.

I don’t understand how he can use panning normals to create a specular and normal and based on my understanding, isn’t panning use to animate the texture? And I also don’t quite understand his method of reducing the normal intensity.

I attached the graph, can someone help to explain?


He’s using this technique:
Explained near the end of the vid. Basically the puddles are just an area in which the roughness has been turned right down. And while you’re at it, why not making it look like the wind is moving the puddles a bit, hence the animated normals…

After some learning and research, I can somehow understand it now. Basically his way of reducing the normal intensity is a ‘old’ method i think, today we can use flatten normal instead. And he creates the specular with just reducing the value.

As for the normal maps, yeah he is animating them in a very slow speed which looks as if it is not moving.

Updated: But I having new weird problem. I make a new material and copy all the nodes from the original material to my newly created material. When I insert a instance of the new material into my scene and edit the color parameter, it is looking black. The nodes are the same but somehow the result is different.

Updated #2: My decal material turns black when zoom in, I thought it to be a material problem but turns out to be a very simple problem relating to the X scale of the decal. It is in the negative range which causes the blackness. Just need to scale it to positive and it’s fixed.