Adobe Buys Mixamo - Thoughts?

Blog Post:

"Unlocking The Power of 3D for The Creative Community—Adobe Acquires Mixamo

3D tools have come a long way in the past few years, but are still generally inaccessible to most designers due to the great expense and extensive training required to learn the complicated techniques. However, using 3D in 2D workflows adds flexibility to the design work you’re already doing and delivers better output options for interactive websites, game content, video and 3D printing. Our research tells us that one of the most in-demand skills for designers is 3D, but using it is just too hard with the current tools and technology. We’ve been working to close this gap between power and usability, which started last year when we announced some exciting new features in Adobe Photoshop CC that make 3D compositing and printing much easier.

Today, we’re taking another step toward unlocking the power of 3D for designers by announcing the acquisition of Mixamo, a San Francisco based company that enables designers to create and customize a broad range of high quality 3D characters and animations, which provide significant benefits for the design community…"

Wow! Companies are on the move, (autodesk with stingray(formerly Bitsquid) now Adobe and Mixamo. I guess it’s all about owning the entire pipeline. Hope I don’t have to buy too many pipelines.

Old news:

My complaint is that as far as I know, we are limited to 20 plan animations, and are unable to purchase more for the time being.

Ah, cheers… Feel free to merge/delete thread accordingly.

The 20 free animations and 10 free auto-rigs were given as a gift to help during the transition since we are unable to process any transactions. Essentially Mixamo is no longer a separate company and we need to integrate AdobeID to be able to get back up and running. This is our top priority and once that is complete then you’ll see new options for getting more content. Sorry about the inconvenience during this time!

And since this “inconvenience” also entails getting the full Fuse for free, I think we can live with that. :slight_smile:

I think that Adobe taking over Mixamo is a great thing. If it gets added to their regular billing structure it could be relatively cheap but if you pay for the animations individually it could be expensive. The fact that you can take a mixamo animation and make changes to it in Maya is great! I am excited to see all that happens with Mixamo…

Indeed, if one’s Adobe Creative Cloud subscription includes a whole bunch of Mixamo animations that would be sweet.

I’m playng with Fuse and it seems quite alright (for easy creation of toon-like characters, I’m not 100% sure about “next-gen” photoreal characters).

The only thing is the retargeting of Fuse skeletons is bugged at the moment. Fuse and Mixamo models with Mixamo animations is OK though.

Some reasonably good free characters are available on Mixamo right now… Some people suggest Motion Builder for hassle-free(?) retargeting so Fuse could be quite useful, and once the new Mixamo animation pricing is announced, it may all work out.

Edit: Fuse and Mixamo models (“FBX for Unreal Engine 4” setting) does appear to lend itself to PBR and associated tweaking. The quality of the models in UE4 ~is~ better than the thumbnail preview on So, overall, thanks Mixamo and Adobe for these free resources!

For my part, I was always reluctant to use Fuse because it didn’t provide the prop/clothing library without additional cost, and then the auto-rig cost on top of that.

Currently it’s been incredibly valuable what with being free for unlimited characters, full prop/clothing library, and free autorigs, not to mention the 20 free anims.

As to what it will look like once Adobe’s done revamping the pricing schemes and stuff, I only hope it will continue to be as useful as it is now.

Here’s an example of a Fuse character in UE4 with SSS skin material, and some of the morphs animated as a test.


Welp! there goes the prices up.

Actually they made everything free :smiley: Using this since 3 weeks now full.

yea it’s a wonder they don’t charge a arm and a leg .

Meh…its ok i guess

For now…

I seem to have issues importing the animations off mixamo, downloading using ue4 skeleton? Errors everytime…

You can chose what file format you want to download as, it seems UE4 is not there anymore, even though it used to be? Seems whatever I try to download, the root is missing?


I just downloaded character and animation, both using UE4 skeleton and I didn’t have any issues with download or import. You might try a different animation or let me know which one you were using and I can try to reproduce the issue.