Administrator Rights

Hi! It’s a litle bit stupid question but I need to compile project and I have some issues because compiler is unable to find some files (but they are there) so I assume that it needs proper admin rights so my question is, where I should place those rights to have everything working as it should?

Could you show us a screenshot of the error?

Here you can see that those files are there. It’s not my project so I contacted author and he replied me that I have issues with admin rights so I hope that it’s just that.

That looks like a bad file path, Unreal does not work properly if the file path contains non-latin characters. You can see the ?? in the filepath, as well as a “box” shape that means unrecognized character.

Move the project to something like:


Should fix it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if that is a problem because i can compile blank project located in same dir withouth any problem. But I will try

If you still need admin rights, create a shortcut on your desktop of UE4Editor.exe from the C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Binaries\Win64\ folder and launch the engine by right-clicking on the shortcut and choose “Run as Administrator”.

You can also permanently change this by making your Windows user account an Administrator (if you own the PC you are using, colleges etc wont let you) by going to Control Panel -> User Accounts, and then selecting “Change your account type”.

btw, have fun with the OceanProject! let me know if you have any issues with it :slight_smile:

Now it works just fine thanks very much. :slight_smile: