Adjusting relative orientation based on HMD yaw

I am making a space environment where the player has 3 degrees of freedom in the x,y and z axis (no rotation yet). Please see the blueprint below (it is very primal) but works great, except one problem. When I start the game if I press forward without turning any direction then my character moves forward (works great). But, if I turn 180 degrees and press the same button I move backwards. I figured that the buttons are set for world location and translate the camera location relative to my initial starting direction. I want to be able to turn any angle and press the forward button so that in the camera VR view I can move forward. Thanks for all the help in advance.

Help please. Spent way too much time banging my head against the wall.

You probably have two orientations here. You’ve got the orientation of your actor, and you’ve got the orientation of the player HMD. They may not necessarily be the same! It sounds like you want the player gaze to turn the space ship? I’m not sure.

But, if you wanted to get the world space rotation, you just get the head yaw and the ship yaw and add them together.

I tried to simulate your method (please see below). But it does not seem to work. Let me know your thoughts.