AddRadialForce and methods to debug code

I am trying to pull StaticMeshActor’s towards a single “blackhole” actor using UStaticMeshComponent::AddRadialForce(), however the StaticMeshActor’s do not move at all.

Here is part of the code:

void ABlackholeActor::BeginPlay()

	TArray<AActor*> found;
	UGameplayStatics::GetAllActorsOfClass(GetWorld(), AStaticMeshActor::StaticClass(), found);
	int yep = 0;
	for (AActor* actor : found)
		AStaticMeshActor* mesh = Cast<AStaticMeshActor>(actor);

		if (mesh) {
			Debug(TEXT("Pull me!"));
			UStaticMeshComponent* meshcomp = mesh->GetStaticMeshComponent();
			meshcomp->AddRadialForce(GetActorLocation(), 10000.0F, -2000.0F, RIF_Constant, true);
			Debug(GetActorLocation().ToString(), 100);

Now I am stuck. The code compiles, but what I want doesn’t happen. Could you suggest solutions to this particular situation and general methods to approach such cases in the future?

I found my mistake. I should have used AddRadialForce() in ABlackholeActor::Tick() method instead of ABlackholeActor::BeginPlay().

I tried using AddRadialImpulse(), too. Apparently, that on the other hand has to be used in ABlackholeActor::BeginPlay(). Otherwise, the impulse of the actors being pulled will keep increasing indefinitely.