Adding VR support to unreal tournament.
Ive been adding improved VR support to the game, becouse i had nothing to do and i was bored. Later down the line, ill make an article about how im developing this, and how im dealing with motion sickness.
Right now, the patch has decoupled view from aiming, the hud its at a screen in front of the player, the game uses the 3rd person mesh and animations instead of the first , wich makes it able to see your legs, while its still in first person(true first person), and it has a custom crosshair(that red square) that its depth aware and will allways point to where the weapon is aiming(instead of the normal crosshair, wich its just drawn in the center of the screen).
Im working now on getting a better crosshair into it, better aiming, and clean up the code so it can be added as a mod plugin.
Code its a completely huge mess at the moment, and so hacked it wont ever be accepted by Epic into the main build as it is right now.
Motion sickness its still very high, even with the massively reduced walking speed, and i havent completed deadzone aiming(like in half life 2VR) yet. If i get this to a better state, ill make it into a plugin that could be added to the normal UT branch, or, more probably, as a mutator.


Hopefully UT will have “native” VR support and not only with mods.

There are still a lot of people who dont get motion sick at all and like fast paced action even in VR.

Here’s hoping you do develop it further vblanco!
I have enjoyed playing the alphas in VR so far and any efforts towards it would be very appreciated! :smiley: …especially after so many years wishing I could truly jump into some of the fantastic looking UT3 levels!