Adding text to Mesh/Material/texture

Hey, folks!

What I want to achieve is something I believe is (or should be) very simple: I have a mesh of a book, and I’ve copied it several times to fill a bookshelf. Now, I want to add a title to the spine.

Only I can’t seem to find a single reasonable way of doing that.

What I’ve tried:

  • Making individual textures on photoshop, but it’s impossibly laborious (I’m talking about 100+ books here);
  • Adding a Text Render to the object, but the text will have a flat texture as opposed to the book’s nuanced texture. Also, the spine is slightly sloped, and the text can’t mold itself to it.
  • Using a SceneCapture2D, but as far as I understand, I’d need to create one of those for each book title, which is computationally insane.

I’ve basically opened every forum and every video I’ve come across, but no one seems to address this in a remotely straightforward way.

A few more details:

I want to be able to edit the text in the UE4 editor, the same way you edit a variable. It’d be nice to be able to tweak font, size and color, too.

This may be way harder than I’m anticipating it to be, but if it is, I find it a glaring omission for such a powerful engine.

Finally, here’s a couple of images of what I’d like to achieve.

Thanks in advance!