Adding same character class as second player

So I have been trying to get a second player added to the project I am currently working on (To make it local multiplayer). I have been able to add my same character to the project but once I do I just have another character spawning in, and I still have control over player 1. I also know that I’ll need at least two physical controllers to control each character. But for testing purposes, Firstly I would like to know if it is possible to spawn in a character the way I am (see image below for the method I am using). Secondly, if I am doing this correctly, how to I switch controls over to the newly spawned character? I want to do this mainly to see if I can control the newly spawn character, and then switch back and forth between the two characters inside the game, again this is for testing purposes until I go pick up another controller.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.