Adding navmesh bounds volume crashes engine

Hi there,

I’ve been using Navmesh for months now, but after playing around with some settings (Navmesh generation and Crowd control) today, I started to get crashes.

When I remove the Navmesh bounds volume, it doesn’t crash anymore. When I add a bounds volume again it starts to crash again.

Crashes mostly occur when I press the play button (Play selected viewport). I will usually be able to press play once without a crash, but if I press it again it will definitely crash. Sometimes it also crashes when I open up a blueprint, when I save the level or just suddenly while playing.

The crash reports seem to reference different files each time, so I’m not really sure where the problem lies.

Any ideas?

This problem only seems to occur when the Runtime generation of the navmesh is set to Dynamic. When set to Static there are no crashes.

I need the Dynamic setting in order for my doors to function properly. I’d prefer using the Navlinkproxy system, but that seems to be under construction currently so that the enable/disable setting isn’t working as intended. So as far as I know, my only option is to use a dynamic navmesh.


Could you please provide your crash logs and Machine ID that appears in the Crash Reporter window, and send the Crash Report if you have not already so that we can investigate the crash. Thank you.

I just downloaded version 4.10.0 and the crashes are gone now, so it looks like this issue has been resolved.