Adding material maps to bridge imported materials

I have imported a material with a displacement map from bridge with albedo, displacement, normal and roughness and when i open it, in the material parameters, in the texture maps it has metalness, roughness, detail normal, normal and albedo. It has random slots for textures that dont exist. How can i replace the metalness for lets say the displacement?

I assume you’re talking about a material instance here?

If you want to change the way it works, you have to open the original material. Just scroll down in the instance, and you’ll find the parent material, you might have to repeat that operation several times, depending on how deep the inheritance tree is.

Once you have that master material, you can just rewire the metal into the displacement, for example, and from then on, the instance will use that combination for you.

If you’re going to do this, it’s best to make a copy of the parent material, and work on that. Then, when you’re ready, just make a material instance from that.