Adding Material Functions to a Material for Landscapes

Okay, So I setup a Material for my landscape and it has Landscape Layer Weight nodes added to it, to tell my World Machine Landscape, what heightmaps need to use which texture. I have it working the way its supposed to, but I do not like the simple Texture and Normal Map look of my landscape. It looks to tiled and obvious that its fake. I want it to be a little more realistic looking. (I also increased the tiling size of my Landscape Coords node, didnt help much) So I made some Material Functions that use WorldAligned nodes (followed a tutorial) I like the look and feel of them But when I add CallMaterialFunction nodes to my Material and set everything up the same way (Plug my materialfunctioncall nodes into the LayerWeight nodes, it throws errors (Cannot Cast float2 as Float3) and if I can get that cleared by swapping my LandscapeCoords Node with VectorParameter nodes, it doesnt match up with my landscape, it leaves chunks blank and puts textures where theyre not supposed to go… just a big headache. Any way of getting what I am looking for, easier and/or accurately? Thx in advance!

I’ve tried this method too and am looking for any answers out there. Very simple terrain material calling 3 materialFunctions. All linked to weightmaps outputted from worldmachine.

Basically because i’m using texture objects in place of textures i can’t use landscapecoords in order to tile the texture. Is there another way around this?