Adding internet radio station to my level

I bought Internet Radio Player Scene Component on Unreal marketplace. It has a demo level included in which the radio plays everywhere. But I want it to play at a specific location in my level (not everywhere), because I have a radio device in it… Below are messages from me and author of this component:

**ME: **Hello, can you please tell me how can I add radio to my level… Thanks

AUTHOR: Hello, since this is a scene component, you can add this component to any blueprint. Even in level blueprint. Check the video in description and see the example.

ME: Is it possible to play just one radio station in specific location in the level, not everywhere? I’d like to have a radio player in my map…

AUTHOR: You need a little customisation for this. You can change radio list datatable for example. Or, adding a function for changing current radio index and calling play function will do the trick. You can include in level blueprint or creating any Actor Blueprint and including component to that Actor BP will also do the trick.
I made this scene component as modular as it could be. So, every BP that can have a scene component, also can have this scene component. Customisation is at your hands and scripting skills.

ME: Sorry for bothering you, but I am new to Unreal engine… can you please describe me verry detailed how do I put radio somewhere in my level…

AUTHOR: Well, I am not a teacher type. All I can say is; you should create an Actor BP with this component, like I did with PlayerController. If you add component in PlayerController, you will hear radio from anywhere. But you can add component to an Actor Blueprint, after you add the Actor Blueprint to level (Drag&Drop), you can hear it as a player when you near to location of actor in the level. You can do this if you have very little blueprint scripting experience. This scene component supports playing radio on any location, in any blueprint. But you need to add to an Actor and add that actor to level.

ME: I can pay you for help. Do you have some customer support service or something?

AUTHOR: Actually, I never thought of paid customer service. And I explained everything you need to include a scene component to an actor.
I think I can’t help you further because future messages will be out of my area of customer service.
Before purchasing the product, you need to learn basics of blueprint scripting such as;
-How to add a scene component to an actor.
-How to modify a component’s variables in runtime.
-How to edit data tables

This is all I can do for you know, sir.
Please watch online videos about blueprint scripting before going further with this component.

I hope this conversation helps you guys to understand what I want and I hope somebody will help me. Thanks!

Help please :frowning:

Hi, you’re asking for a step by step solution of a specific feature you want to implement using marketplace content. So unless someone who already has this marketplace content sees this question, it is highly unlikely that you will get the answer you want.

From the reply of the Author of the content, I would suggest that you learn those three things here

Going through this here step by step Blueprints - Essential Concepts - Unreal Engine should cover the first two and this here for data tables